Dentures – bright and shining smiles!

Denture Clinic now offers patients the ultimate in natural gum aesthetics on all implant-supported, fixed or removable dentures.

The customisation of full or partial dentures is achieved by using a brand called “Bredent crea.lign” light-cured composites. Nano-filled crea.lign ensures colour stability on the prosthetic acrylic, and it guarantees a long-lasting bond increasing the strength of the dentures.

Its super smooth finish results in a prosthesis that offers optimal plaque resistance reducing the chance of bacterial build-up on the surface. This keeps your dentures looking clean and bright for longer.

Dentures – bright and shining smiles

By using a variety of colours in gels and pastes, a fully individualised customisation can be achieved that matches your gum tissue.

The materials used do make a difference to the completed fixed or removable prostheses that we make here. High-quality teeth mimic natural teeth and are complemented by the acrylic used.

Phonares II teeth, a premium choice brand of teeth here at the Denture Clinic, have a textured surface. This surface results in a tooth that absorbs the light and looks more natural.

Our technicians carefully mimic the natural variations in gum thicknesses and contours around the necks of teeth making them look more natural. This is particularly important for patients that show gum tissue when smiling.

The real-life variations that can be achieved using this method compliment the natural looks of a patient’s smile. The use of individualised gum colours and contouring results in a finished implant-supported, fixed or removable denture that come alive instead of the monochrome tissue colour used in traditional dentures.

If you would like more information about our services here at the Denture Clinic, call us on 01384 254067.