Dentures in a day

Having problems with your existing dentures?

Looking for quality, natural looking dentures?

Short on time with your busy lifestyle?

Travelling a distance to find the right dentures for you?

Consider our new ‘Dentures in a day’ service

Dentures in a day

Announcing a new service from the Denture Clinic, a short, express service designed for those patients tight on time or travelling in from a distance.

Have you ever thought about why it takes so long to get new dentures?

We can let you into a secret. It is the time taken for your dentures to go to and from the Laboratory that makes the process unnecessarily long.

We have our in-house dental laboratory that produces all of our dentures. Therefore if you pre-book your time in our clinic and lab, there is no wait between appointments. Your work is directly transferred from our surgery into our laboratory in a matter of minutes not days.

New dentures can take up to 5-weeks to construct, with the usually the same number of visits to our clinic. Here at the Denture Clinic at North Street in Dudley, we assess, build and fit dentures. This ‘start to finish’ process under one roof ideally places us to provide an express denture service.

Working together with denture technicians, a clinical technician and dentist we can produce dentures in just 24-hours. This process is all done without any compromise on quality in aesthetics, fit or function.

This express service does cost a little more than an average privately made denture. However, if you offset that against your travelling time and lost time away from what you want to do, it can be more cost-effective for some.

Take a look at our video which shows one of our technicians producing a set of quality dentures. We have condensed down the whole 10-hour process into just 60 seconds!

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‘Dentures in a day’ works like this:

Stage 1: A free consultation and treatment suitability assessment with practice Principal, Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC 108353(UK).

Stage 2: If suitable you will be allocated an appropriate early morning appointment to begin the treatment (at which time the clock starts ticking).

Stage 3: By the same time the following day, your dentures will be final fitted, with all other appointments and technical work completed in-between.

Please Note

  • We produce these Dentures with all of the same clinical and laboratory stages as our usual high standard prosthetics.
  • The outcomes are identical to those of regular five stage patients as we still use all of the five stages.
  • Dentures in a day clients take clinical and technical priority.
  • Not all patients will be suitable for this treatment.

Take a look at our case studies page and read about many more of our satisfied clients.

Dentures in a day before and after

Before and after pictures from our first ‘Dentures in a day’ patient

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