Implant retained dentures

It’s hard to imagine that after losing natural teeth things could ever be quite the same again. But they can, because dental implants have made it possible.

Are you tired of loose dentures?

The ultimate in solving denture stabilisation problems, implant retained over-dentures can be nothing short life-changing.

You will never need denture adhesives again. Never suffer sore spots or those embarrassing moments when dentures have let you down.

Our implant retained dentures have a bite comparable to natural teeth. They provide the only dental therapy where we can categorically guarantee an end to denture stabilisation issues.

The implants act as stable, securing points for our prosthetics which are hand-crafted on site in the Denture Clinic laboratory. Because of the technology behind implant dentures we achieve a permanent fix. Removal is possible only by a dental professional or, the teeth can be snapped on and off their fixings by the patient.

implant retained dentures

Implant retained on a bar, upper full complement of teeth

The advantages of implant retained dentures

The advantages of investing in implant retained dentures are huge and will always be the dental professional’s preferred option. Points for you to consider include:

  • Your prosthetic will function just like natural teeth
  • It will have a guaranteed, stable, secure fit on your gums
  • Chewing efficiency will increase
  • Clinical outcomes are predictable
  • It’s a cost-effective therapy
  • There will be less denture ‘plate’ on the roof of your mouth
  • Your taste senses should improve
  • Speech should also be easier and clearer
  • Teeth will never ‘pop out’
  • Self-esteem could be boosted dramatically
  • It’s a long-term solution for failing teeth
  • Can improve diet options
  • It can mark the end of jawbone erosion
  • You can enjoy living spontaneously – no more fixative ‘planning’ for meals out

What will happen at the consultation?

During the consultation process, your jawbone condition will be assessed along with the soft tissue of your mouth and your general health. We will require impressions and a scan so we can determine whether there is enough good bone in which to secure the implants. The Denture Clinic will then advise the type of dental restoration that will bring about the best possible clinical outcome.

Synthetic bone grafting

Sometimes, when there is not enough bone to secure the implant, we can carry out a synthetic bone graft. It sounds complex, but it has become commonplace in implant dentistry. A simplified explanation for the success of this form of grafting is that the graft is placed to act as a “biological placeholder.”

Initially, it stops the collapse of the surrounding tissues, whether that is bone or soft tissue. Then, through a process called “guided tissue regeneration,” the human body is fooled biochemically to recognise the graft as natural bone and over time resorbs and replaces it with the patient’s own native bone.

However, not every patient is a suitable candidate for this procedure.

How many implants will I need?

For full arch lower over-dentures as little as two, but sometimes, depending on the outcome of our examinations, more would be required.
For a full arch of upper dentures, there are usually four implants inserted, but again, this number will be subject to the outcome of our clinical assessment.

What are implants like?

Small, surgical-quality, titanium ‘screws’ is the best way to describe implants. We are effectively mimicking the function of natural teeth roots where teeth are missing. Once screwed in, the implants fuse with your jawbone. Devices called abutments are then fixed to the top of the implants that hold the specially designed denture.

Implants are an incredibly versatile dental ‘tool’. They can be used in different combinations to support a single tooth, several teeth or a complete set of teeth as with our dentures.

Will I be able to take out the implant retained denture

Yes, but only if you choose to have removable over-dentures. It will take a little getting used to because the fit is quite firm, but you should be able to take out the denture for cleaning and general maintenance.

What other implant retained dentures are available?

If you wish, you can have dentures prescribed that we will permanently secure to the implants. Only a dental professional can remove this type of prosthetic.

How long will the procedure take?

The procedure for fixing four implants to retain, for example, an upper over-denture, would typically take about eight to nine weeks from initial consultation to having the teeth loaded on to fixings.

All-on-4 ‘teeth in a day’ treatment

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Sedation option

For complex implant surgery, patients can request our intravenous sedation therapy.

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