Copy dentures

What are copy dentures?

Copy dentures are, as the name suggests, a new set of dentures crafted on the pattern of your existing prosthetic.

The description, however, is often a misnomer as it is only rarely that an exact copy of an existing denture will be required.

The aim is to replicate the good features and attend to those elements of the original prosthetic that may no longer be successful.

Sometimes the technique will include adding new teeth, improving fit and overall aesthetics.

One way to think of it is having a spare set of glasses, and while the prescription is the same you can upgrade the frames

The advantages of copy dentures

  • Patients prone to gagging may not require the taking of impressions
  • Generally, there are no adjustments required after production
  • As technology changes, copy dentures can enable you to upgrade your current dentures to more modern materials
  • There will be a reduced clinical time commitment for the patient (fewer clinical stages)
  • Denture adaptive potential decreases with age and for some older patients this therapy could be a preferred option

Why choose copy dentures?

Patients experiencing discomfort or pain associated with poorly fitting dentures may wish to consider getting a set of copy dentures.

If your dentures don’t fit properly, but you are happy with the shape, size and colour of your teeth, then a replica can be made with a new fitting surface.

copy dentures

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