Teeth whitening

Whitening teeth

The notion of ‘pearly whites’ – teeth that dazzle and impress – has been around since 3000 BC when people polished their teeth on chew sticks. Very few people possess the genetics for brilliant, white teeth and discolouring can occur with the passing of years. Tea, coffee, red wine and some fruit drinks can stain teeth, along with smoking.

‘Calculus’ or tartar can also affect the colour of your teeth. Some people may have staining under the surface, which can be caused by certain antibiotics or by tiny cracks in the teeth which take up stains from food and drinks.

Teeth whitening

Safe professional teeth whitening is available at North Street Dental

Are you looking for professional tooth whitening in Dudley?

Are you getting married? Needing a boost in confidence? Wanting to impress with your smile at an interview? Looking for safe, professional tooth whitening in the Dudley area?

In a cost-effective procedure – look out for our special offers on Facebook and this website – North Street Dental based in Dudley, West Midlands offers safe and effective tooth whitening to lift the natural colour. Teeth can be lightened several shades by our bleaching techniques that patients can administer themselves at home.

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Looking for teeth whitening?

How long will the treatment last?

Treatment, which involves us taking an impression of teeth and manufacturing in our laboratory bespoke gel ‘trays’ to fit over them, generally lasts up to 28 days and is carried out by the patient after instruction from our clinicians. The trays that hold the bleaching gel are soft, comfortable to wear and look similar to a gum shield. We will prescribe the formula concentration and advise on how long you should wear the trays.

Is tooth whitening cosmetic dentistry?

Yes. As your teeth have to be healthy as an essential prerequisite for the tooth whitening process to begin, this therapy is more about looks than oral health. It can, however, provide a big confidence boost and age-defying smiles.

Will my older restorations be affected?

No. But you do need to consider that any crowns and veneers, which may have successfully matched teeth previously, will no longer have the same aesthetic quality as the bleach cannot lighten any pre-existing dental restorations.

What are the side effects?

Some people may find that their teeth become sensitive during or after the treatment and others may have discomfort in the gums. These symptoms should disappear within a few days of the treatment finishing, but if any continue, we’re always here to have a look at what’s going on.

DIY tooth bleaching alert

The internet is awash with DIY tooth bleaching remedies. Please, for the benefit of your teeth, do not go there!

In recent times tooth whitening has been the focus of robust policing by the General Dental Council, and articles in the national press have outlined the potential dangers of these alternative approaches. See our blog post on the dangers of DIY tooth whitening.

North Street Dental is a General Dental Council (GDC) registered practice and as such its bleaching systems are strictly regulated and approved by its governing body.

More information

For more information or to book your teeth whitening appointment give us a call or visit our contact page. We are on North Street, Dudley, West Midlands.

We have put together an informative list of the most frequently asked questions that we encounter about teeth whitening.

We have recently introduced an affordable and approved DIY whitening range. The range includes teeth whitening strips and whitening toothpaste.