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Our complimentary first consultation

We need to know what’s going on in your mouth – it’s central to all treatment models we plan together and the type of denture prescription you are given.

So why do we offer a free Dental Clinic consultation?

There’s no charge because it’s hugely important to us that you never feel pressured into making decisions you would later regret. Committing financially at a first consult is not the way we do business at the Denture Clinic. We do not sell dentures, but we do help you make the right decisions, within your budget, for the best possible treatment. Informed choices, not sales-driven purchases, are what we ultimately seek from our patients.

Understanding patient goals

The consultation is also about building a relationship. We have a transparent way of doing business, and the Denture Clinic staff would like to get to know you and discover what goals you wish to achieve. You’ll also be given plenty of time to go away and consider our advice. No-one expects you to make such vital decisions immediately.

What will happen?

We understand it’s sometimes awkward talking about dentures, but we’re not afraid to discuss the latest clinical options with false teeth. However, we do need to check on some medical things to make sure we correctly tailor your care. If you have remaining teeth, it will involve one of our dentists. We have an informative article about the first consultation over on our blog.

Oral examination

Your free Denture Clinic consultation will begin with a check on the condition of the soft tissue within your mouth and gums. We look to see if there is any bone degeneration beneath them. We’ll also check on your bite, the general condition of your jaw and there will be a visual screening for oral cancer.

If you have any remaining teeth, we will refer you to one of our dentists. The dentist will then work out and agree with you a treatment plan.

Deeper investigation

Sometimes, to obtain a clearer picture of your oral needs, either an X-ray or 3D scan would be required. While the examination is free, we do need to charge for these additional services.

Dental history

All patients will be expected to disclose their dental and medical history.

Many patients come to us as a last resort to help resolve on-going problems with their dentures. Sometimes previous treatment models have failed, so it’s crucial we understand the therapies you have received.

The way ahead

We are generous with our time. After examining your mouth and understanding your clinical needs, we will discuss your goals. If you have questions – most do – we will answer them jargon-free and face to face.

We will also tell you the clinical options available. Denture provision has evolved at a pace over the last few years. Improved materials and techniques have increased the choice of solutions we can deliver.

Understanding the choices

There are many different choices of denture provision available at the Denture Clinic – everything from high-quality traditional dentures to implant retained over-dentures.

Construction methods can vary vastly, and our costs fairly reflect the complexity of treatment, the time taken and materials used. we always supply a written quote

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Denture Clinic consultation

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