Root fillings

Root canal treatment explained

Root fillings or root canal fillings, otherwise known as endodontic treatment, are carried out to save teeth that have damaged or infected roots.

Root treatment targets the tooth pulp found in the tooth’s root and its surrounding tissues. The procedure reconstructs the tooth above the gum line.

Sometimes an abscess can develop under the tooth and to save it the root canals have to be cleaned and the infection removed. A seal is then placed in the tooth to prevent further infection.

Restorative work can be with fillings or crowns – the deciding factor being the amount of natural tooth that we can salvage.

root filling

Root canal filling

Will I have to be referred elsewhere?

No. We are privileged to have some exceptionally skilled dental clinicians. Here at North Street Dental root canal treatment is a routine dental procedure.

Is root canal therapy successful?

Well-controlled clinical studies report success rates of around 90 per cent for first-time root treatments. Success rates tumble to about 80 per cent if the tooth has already been root canal treated.

What if infection reoccurs?

It is rare for root-filled teeth to become re-infected. However, if the infection does come back, the root canal therapy can sometimes be repeated. Our clinical team at North Street Dental would be happy to advise of other options if a repeat therapy was not possible.

If I don’t have the root fillings treatment?

The alternative is to have the tooth extracted. Once the pulp – the substance made up of living connective tissue that nourishes the tooth – is destroyed, it cannot heal, and it is not recommended to leave an infected tooth in the mouth.

Implant, bridgework and denture restoration can be considered to replace the missing tooth.

Wherever possible we will always attempt to salvage natural teeth. However, in compromised cases, our dentists may recommend the more clinically preferred and better long-term financial option of an implant replacement.

How do I care for root canal fillings?

You look after teeth with root fillings the same as any other teeth. We recommend a regular regime of brushing and flossing punctuated with check-ups at our practice in Dudley.

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