How to achieve flawless celebrity skin

how to achieve flawless celebrity skin

Have you ever wondered how celebs always look so fantastic on the red carpet? Do you want glowing skin without the need for heavy cover-up makeup? Then if you want to achieve the flawless celebrity skin look, this little post is for you.

The answer is simple, chemical peels. It’s every celebs secret weapon, from daily gentle exfoliating washes to professional level tailored chemical peels, this is what removes the cause of all those dreaded breakouts.

common causes of skin breakouts

Let’s look into the most common causes of these skin breakouts

1. A build-up of dead skin cells

Did you know it takes between 20-60 days on average for new skin cells to be made and migrate to the top layer? The longer the process, the more dead cells clump together irregularly at the surface. These dead cells lead to dry, dull, lifeless skin which can block pores and lead to oily build-ups. Chemical peels are an effective way to remove the excess dead skin cells and open pores, reducing the chance of breakouts.

2. Aggressive cleansing

One of the most common mistakes people make when trying to banish breakouts is to use a very aggressive cleanser. These harshly strip away all the natural oils in the skin; the skin then detects a shortage of oils and increases the production of oils. This process makes your skin more oily; instead, a gentle cleanser will limit excessive oils while still maintaining some of the natural oils which are necessary for soft, flexible skin.

3. Heavy makeup

Makeup is one of the leading causes of acne-prone skin. Very heavy makeup blocks pores which can lead to breakouts. A breakout often means you want to hide them with even more makeup; this becomes a vicious cycle and a spiral down to worsening skin. Mineral makeup sits superficially on the surface of the skin and doesn’t block pores to the same degree, thus helping the skin to breathe.

wash your bed and bath linen

Regularly wash and change your bed and bath linen

4. Dirty bed and bath linen

If I asked you to wear the same socks and underwear for weeks at a time, you would quite rightly wrinkle your nose in disgust. It just wouldn’t feel clean.. yet many leave it weeks and weeks between changing bedding, towels and PJ’s, the grease and oils will build up and be returned to your skin, leading to more breakouts.

5. Poor skincare regime

Developing a good skincare regime is essential as flawless skin has a range of needs;

  • Gentle cleansing.
  • Toning (returning the skin’s pH to a healthy level).
  • Moisturising.
  • Protecting from harmful rays (UVA/B causes increased pigmentation and photoaging; we recommend a physical mineral-based SPF cream (containing zinc oxide or titanium oxide) for daily year-round use).
  • Boosting the skin turnover with chemical peels or retinol/retinoid based treatments.

Make sure you have the right products that work for you. Take a look at our recommended skin regime.

banish skin breakouts with chemical peels

Achieve that flawless celebrity skin look with Rejuvenate chemical peels

Do you want to banish those blemishes and breakouts? Want flawless skin again? Then our tailored treatments to tackle all your breakouts is for you. From gentle chemical peels to microneedling we have you covered, see results quickly from only £70. Call or message us to arrange a free consultation.