Dental consultation

Our dental consultation begins with a comprehensive oral examination. The examination is central to the mapping of all treatment plans we deliver at our North Street Dental in Dudley.

The initial examination

The initial examination can last for up to 30 minutes and involves a thorough evaluation of gums, teeth and all visible oral tissues and structures. The purpose is to identify existing and potential problems and develop a treatment plan should one be required.

The examination usually begins outside the mouth, assessing the jaw joints, muscles and tissues.

An appraisal of the inside of the mouth involves the condition of the soft tissues. We will include a visual screening for cancers. We check salivary glands, the state of the gums and bone supporting the teeth. The teeth themselves will be inspected, including a mobility and tooth tissue loss (wear) assessment.

All the information, unique to each person, is then used to formulate a treatment plan specific to clinical needs.

Digital X-rays or a 3D scan may be required and are subject to charges, which we will explain at the time of the examination.

Clinical excellence and more

We believe dental care is not just about clinical excellence. It’s about embracing patients as individuals, adopting a holistic approach to your care. For the time you share with us we will help you to change your preconceptions of dentistry forever.

It is now a recognised fact that creative thinking in dentistry must not only be on the very cusp of medical evolution but equally, must also forge meaningful relationships with patients. The dental consultation is the start of every patient journey, allowing us to define goals and build trusting long-term relationships.

Our dental consultation at a glance

  • Evaluation of overall health and oral hygiene
  • Evaluation risks of tooth decay, root decay, and gum or bone disease
  • Check for the chances of developing other oral health problems
  • Evaluation of clinical requirements for tooth restoration or tooth replacement
  • Checking of the bite to assess how upper teeth and corresponding lower teeth fit together when the jaw is closed
  • Evaluation of jaw muscle function
  • Visual cancer check
  • Our dentists may require X-rays or a scan for which there will be a fee
dental consultation

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