3D Dental imaging

Dental scans – getting a thorough diagnosis

The clinicians at our practice often carry out highly skilled and precise dental procedures. Critical to this kind of dentistry is the comprehensive analysis of the case in hand.

We believe our patients deserve the best possible intervention when problems present themselves. We remain up to date of developments in clinical skills and provide equally advanced dental hardware to obtain a complete clinical appraisal of what’s going on.

A 3D dental imaging scan can help gain a better view of bone structures, root positions, root canals and root fractures, as well as provide the ability to measure anatomical structures more accurately.

3D dental imaging

3D Cone Bean scanner at North Street Dental

Support for treatment planning

These scans also support a wide range of diagnoses and treatment planning. Further, they increase the possibility of treatment success, granting our practitioners greater predictability and confidence in their treatments. Common uses include preparing for synthetic bone grafting, extractions, performing root evaluations, the placing implants and other invasive therapies as we rebuild patients’ smiles.

Remaining relevant in a digital dentistry

The outstanding clinical skills we are privileged to have here must, we maintain, be serviced with the cutting-edge equipment they deserve.

It’s imperative we keep up with technology to remain relevant and embracing digital dentistry with our on-site Vatech CBCT scanner has been part of the evolution that has taken place at North Street Dental.

Adding confidence to clinical decisions

We know this kind of investment builds for the future. Along with many other changes made in the re-birth of this historic Dudley dental practice, it has been patient-driven by the increasing numbers requiring implant surgery.

We work hard at excellence – it’s what we hope defines us – and because scanning diagnosis shows up so clearly, patients can be more confident in the clinical decisions we advise.

This piece of kit helps us achieve predictable and happy outcomes and advance further our ‘going to the dentist’ experience.

For referring dentists

We would be delighted to support referring practitioners in the treatment of their patients.

Access to our 3D dental imaging facilities is available.

We want to build trust, will ensure your patients are cared for as our own and are committed to returning them to your care.

Vatech 3D dental scan 01

Sample images from our Vatech 3D Dental scanner

Vatech 3D dental scan 02