Professional denture cleaning

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When wearing dentures, it is essential to keep them as clean as you would natural teeth. Plaque and deposits can build just as quickly on dentures as they do on natural teeth in the mouth.

Some tough denture stains are difficult to remove at home such as stains caused by tea, coffee and red wine. Although you clean your dentures regularly, these stains can build. And just as people have their natural teeth regularly cleaned to remove surface stains, your dentures can be cleaned to remove staining too.

Plaque deposit can also build upon the denture too. These deposits can feel rough to the touch, be unsightly, cause a bad taste and even cause bad breath. They may also affect the fit and comfort of your denture.

Professional denture cleaning

Professional denture cleaning by the Denture Clinic, Dudley

Sympro cleaning service

Our Sympro machine uses gentle mechanical movement to clean your denture of surface stains and deposits thoroughly. It quickly and reliably removes frequently occurring deposits leaving you feeling more confident and comfortable with your denture without causing any breakage or scratching. The dentures are then finished with a gentle polish as done when you first received them.

This process takes 30-45 minutes where you can sit and wait in a private surgery here at the clinic until the process is complete. We recommend you bring along a book or book and enjoy a moment with a hot drink. Alternatively, you can book appointments with other members of the dental team while your Sympro clean is running. You can arrange a checkup with Owain the Dentist or a Scale and Polish with Sophie the Hygienist.

We recommend that your denture is cleaned professionally with our Sympro Cleaning Service 3 to 4 times a year to maintain your dentures.

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Daily care of your dentures

For everyday cleaning, we recommend that you clean your denture two times daily with warm soapy water to remove debris and plaque. Cleaning can be done using a denture brush or a larger brush such as a nail brush.

We also recommend that the teeth are soaked two times daily in a denture soak of your choice. Ideally, soak overnight, but if you prefer to wear your denture overnight, shorter soaks are available that you can do in minutes.

We recommend you do not use abrasive products such as toothpaste or abrasive powders as these can scratch the dentures which give bacteria an area to stick to more easily.

Dentanurse sonic cleansing machines

Dentanurse sonic cleansing machines

Dentanurse products

The Denture Clinic, Dudley, West Midlands sell Dentanurse sonic cleansing machines here at the practice. The device uses a sonic cleansing action for the daily cleaning of dentures used with Dentanurse cleansing tablets.

Check out our blog on denture care for more tips, and if you require any more information about professional denture cleaning or want to speak to a member of the team, please call us at the Denture Clinic on 01384 254 067.

Dentanurse cleansing tablets

Dentanurse cleansing tablets – available at the Denture Clinic