Designer smiles

When creating the new smile at the Denture Clinic, several factors will be considered by the C.D.T. (Clinical Dental Technician) Steven Burchell. By using smile design and the golden proportion techniques, it is possible to change the appearance of a person’s smile radically.

The aim is to create an appearance that compliments the whole face of the patient and therefore it should be understood how the interrelationships work between the various components of the face. e.g. bone structure, supporting tissue, muscles, joints, occlusion and gingival tissue.

designer smile - phonares

Dentistry concerns itself with the composition of teeth in the smile and their ability to move orthodontically or changed with veneers, crowns, dentures or bridgework.

The basic vertical and horizontal dimensions of the face give a starting point for any cosmetic dentistry. The interpapillary line (the centre spot between your two front teeth) needs to be perpendicular to the centre of the face and the occlusal plane need cross it. The shape of an individual’s lips frame the smile and how much of the teeth shown varies from one person to the next.

The key features of the face should be proportional both vertically and horizontally. Most people tend to have a basic facial form that fits into one of four categories ovoid, square, square tapering and tapering.

Not only is the shade discussed with the patient but they also have the opportunity to choose a mould of the tooth that will complement their appearance. Many manufacturers of acrylic teeth produce moulds that reflect the basic shape of the faces and are produced in a range of sizes. The lateral profile of an individual will be either straight (flat face) concave or convex. These factors play a key role when selecting the teeth of a patient because there is a link between facial morphology and tooth morphology.

designer smiles - phonares II

Phonares II (Ivoclar Vivadent) is the number one choice of teeth for most people due to the high quality of materials used in the manufacturing process and the overall proportions of the teeth. Making sure the correct tooth proportions are used will complement the face. The centrals need to be in aesthetically pleasing and proportional if applying the golden proportion mathematically correctly.

There is not a definite size of tooth/teeth for a given face, it is that fact that the perceived size should suit the individual and their characteristics.

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