Video testimonials

video testimonials

Following on from our case studies and testimonials we have now have a number of video testimonials and patient stories.

The patient stories are made from a series of adverts we produced for local radio, which in-turn were taken from our hugely successful case studies. If you haven’t yet taken a look at this section we strongly advise you to have a read through. A selection of real people, with real problems, finding real solutions.

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Sheila’s checkup

Roger’s five year checkup

Gloria’s reaction to her new dentures

Jacky’s reaction to her new dentures

John’s two year update

Sheila’s story part 1

Sheila’s story part 2

Sheila’s story part 3

Roy’s story part 1

Roy’s story part 2

Roy’s story part 3

Wendy’s story part 1

Wendy’s story part 2

Wendy’s story part 3