Same day teeth

Same day teeth – a full arch of teeth in a day

Same day teeth are part of the comprehensive range of implant options available at the Denture Clinic at North Street. It is possible to have a full complement of permanently retained upper or lower teeth fitted in a single day.

This same day therapy uses a minimum of four implants to support the dental arch that is fitted directly after the implant surgery. Known as the ‘immediate-loading’ of implants, this procedure provides speedy results. It is, however, only for those patients suitable for the treatment.

A digital scan of your jaw will help our implant dentist ascertain if there is enough good bone to press ahead with this therapy. If you have compromised bone density, we will advise on other alternatives.

Complimentary consultation

Historically, implants have been associated with long recovery times before they could support a full arch of teeth. But by using the extra bone to stabilise the implants fewer can sometimes be required and the overall function to load-bear the teeth not diminished.

Quite literally, we can restore your smile in just a few hours. Patients that have struggled without teeth or with a lack of confidence due to an imperfect smile can walk away with a brand new image.

To discuss this dental service, please call us or fill out our contact form. The Denture Clinic is in Dudley, West Midlands. Our first consultation is with Principal Steven Burchell is complimentary.

same day teeth

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