Same day denture repairs

Within-the-hour denture repair service

A broken denture always happens at the most inconvenient times, so we offer same day denture repairs – usually within the hour.

The Denture Clinic want to uphold your dignity, and we do understand what a broken denture can mean. Those requiring the service are given the privilege of a private room, a drink and a magazine to read while our highly-skilled technicians at our on-site laboratory complete the repair. Using acrylic resins and matching teeth, your damaged prosthetic will soon be looking as good as new.

Out-of-hours denture repairs

As part of our commitment to denture wearers, we offer an out-of-hours repair service. Call our free phone number, and it will be picked up by one of our on-duty technicians, who, in an emergency would meet you at the Denture Clinic in North Street, Dudley and repair your dentures.

Why do dentures break?

Sometimes it’s the result of impact damage, for example, if you drop your dentures onto a hard floor. Likewise, there are other more worrying reasons for breakages. Ill-fitting dentures can fail because the bite pressure is unequal, or sometimes damage can be caused by the force of opposing natural teeth. One thing is sure if they keep breaking you need to book an appointment with the Denture Clinic in Dudley as soon as possible. Our first consultation is complimentary.

What types of dentures can we repair?

Our technicians can repair all kinds of false teeth including full dentures and partial dentures. If your denture has metal clasps that have broken off, we can usually fix these too, but we’ll probably need to take an impression of your mouth to complete the task.

What happens if teeth or a single tooth breaks?

We can generally reset teeth or a single tooth into the prosthetic without too much trouble.

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Do you need denture repairs in the West Midlands?

Call the Denture Clinic on 01384 254 067 or fill out our contact form. We are on North Street in Dudley, West Midlands. You can find a map and directions on our contact page.

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