Missing teeth – a modern option

Traditionally a patient has only had two options to replace a missing tooth, firstly a removable denture or secondly a fixed bridge.

There are many disadvantages for both of these choices, but over recent years there has been a third option which is a good alternative for suitable patients. This is the use of dental implants.

Some patients who will need multiple implants also need to have a wax mock-up produced to check that suitably spaced teeth can be used to fill gaps.

These also help the dentist to see where implants may be required, and the patient can see what their expected outcome could be. This information will help to check the areas where bone implants may be used.

Missing teeth – a modern option - wax mock-up

A diagnostic wax-up also serves to help both the dentist and the patient to see how the bite may be improved and what corrections may be made to over erupted teeth so vertical and horizontal occlusal planes can be restored.

The wax-up can assist with creating a new smile, restoring worn teeth and allows an evaluation of function and anterior guidance. It also helps both the dentist and the technician by showing what can be done with different sorts of fixed restorations.

Extreme changes may require a combination of veneers, crowns, bridgework or implants to create the new smile.

Missing teeth – a modern option - wax-up

Traditional hand waxing is still one of the most popular ways to create diagnostic wax-up. These are often done by experienced technicians that are familiar with making crowns and improving appearance. The wax is usually hard bite restoration wax that can be built up and carved relatively easily.

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