Rejuvenate services - anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections

Anti-wrinkle injections offer a safe and predictable way to help slow down the appearance of lines and wrinkles. This prescription-only treatment can help keep your face looking fresh and youthful, giving your features a more rejuvenated look.

Rejuvenate services - lip fillers

Lip fillers

Luscious full lips are one of our most sought after treatments here at Rejuvenate at North Street. Whether you are looking for a subtle enhancement or a show stopping glamorous pout, let us sculpt the perfect set of lips to suit you.

Fat-dissolving injections

Fat-dissolving injections

The perfect solution for those stubborn areas of fat that diet and exercise can’t resolve. Fat-dissolving injections are a simple non-invasive treatment to tackle these problem areas. We use DesoBody and DesoFace, the most effective treatment available.

Rejuvenate services - facial fillers

Facial fillers

As time goes by the cheeks, the area under the eyes and the jawline can lose volume, leading to a tired and aged appearance. Dermal fillers are a safe way to restore that natural volume or add extra volume to enhance your features and boost your confidence.

Rejuvenate services - microneedling


Fed-up of tired looking skin, have acne scars you want to banish, sick of those stretch marks, or want a refreshed glowing, appearance? Microneedling is the treatment for you, find out how in as little as 3-6 sessions you can take back control of your wayward skin.

Rejuvenate services - facial re-contouring

Facial re-contouring

Want high impact cheekbones that can stop traffic? Or maybe just a subtle tweak to help frame your eyes and really make them pop? Let us safely enhance your natural features to give you those sculpted features you’ve always dreamed about.

Rejuvenate services - hand rejuvenation

Hand rejuvenation

As we grow older our hands often lose volume, leaving a more pronounced bony profile that can betray our age. Here at Rejuvenate at North Street, we use hydrating dermal fillers to restore volume and boost the skin quality to turn back the hands of time.

Rejuvenate services - sweat reduction injections

Sweat reduction injections

Excessive underarm sweating (hyperhidrosis) is apt to cause embarrassment, resulting in loss of confidence and impacting on your quality of life. We offer a safe and effective way to vastly reduce sweat gland action, giving you back your life.

Rejuvenate services - teeth grinding headaches

Teeth grinding headaches

Tired of waking up with headaches, exhausted and aching jaw muscles? Think you’ve tried everything? Dr Joe can offer you an alternative solution by safely relaxing the muscles responsible for the issue, giving effective and lasting pain relief.

Rejuvenate services - chemical peels

Chemical peels

Want fresher healthier and more even skin tone? Skin peels can help to reduce fine lines, improving skin tone and texture whilst combating acne. The fresh skin cells will help to give you back that glowing look and make you feel your best.

Rejuvenate services - Invisalign Go

Invisalign Go® teeth straightening

Let’s face it; a smile can change everything. Your confidence, your outlook, your life. And with Invisalign, achieving the smile you always dreamed of doesn’t have to be a big deal. In fact, it barely has to impact your day-to-day life at all.

Rejuvenate services - gummy smile reduction

Gummy smile reduction

Are you self conscious about your gummy smile, and find yourself embarrassed and holding back your grin? At Rejuvenate at North Street, we believe you should be able to choose a smile you are proud of, and with the help of Dr Joe, you can do just that.

Rejuvenate services - nose re-contouring

Nose re-contouring

Ever wished your nose wasn’t quite so hooked? Was more sculpted or just wanted to try a reversible option before considering surgery? Then liquid rhinoplasty using nose fillers is the perfect option to give you the nose you have always wanted.

Rejuvenate services - tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

A beautiful and confident white smile frames and enhances all your features perfectly. Our tooth whitening procedures offer a safe and effective way to gently lighten your teeth gradually, thereby giving you total control over the results.

Rejuvenate services - face creams

Face creams and products

Do you yearn for face creams that give clinically proven results to reduce fine lines, even skin tone, protect and moisturise? We are passionate about finding the most effective creams to enhance your natural beauty and defy the hands of time.

Rejuvenate services - treatment packages

Treatment packages

Look your best for the next 12 months with one of our treatment packages. We can spread the cost of treatments over the next twelve months and also save you 5% compared with our regular prices. No deposit and custom packages available.