Top treatments for men

As a man there has never been more pressure to look your absolute best. This has lead to a considerable increase in men seeking out ways to define, sharpen and strengthen their look with minimally invasive non-surgical treatments.

At Rejuvenate the top treatments for men are:

  • Skincare regime advice
  • Acne scar reduction treatments (Microneedling & Chemical Peels)
  • Anti-wrinkle injectables to reduce a tired appearance
  • Strengthening jawline with dermal fillers
  • Sweat reduction treatments
Top treatments for men

Skincare regime

The foundation of all successful treatments is built on a winning skincare regime. Without a preventative approach to skin ageing and tackling men’s naturally more oily skin tone all other treatment outcomes will be compromised. If you want an unbeatable skincare regime, it has to be quick, cost-effective and straightforward so that it’s a natural choice to do every day. As such for men I recommend a simple three-stage routine.

  1. Daily cleanse. (SkinPep Revitalising Cleansing Foam)
  2. Daily protect & moisturise. (SkinPep Hydra Sun Defense SPF 30 Day Cream)
  3. Weekly use of a treatment serum with Retinol A to improve skin. (SkinPep Ultra Retinol 0.5% Serum)

This routine will tackle excess oils responsible for acne and breakouts. It will also hydrate the skin to provide a more healthy and attractive skin tone. Additionally, it protects against the harsh effects of the sun and its UVA & UVB rays, which are responsible for up to 80% of skin ageing.

Treatments for acne

A common request from men at my clinic is to remove the redness or pitted bumpy appearance of past acne. Unlike women, we can’t use makeup or concealer to hide these inconsistencies due to society’s perception of men wearing make-up. This is why we need to make use of powerful treatment tools like microneedling or chemical peels.

Scarring can only be removed by breaking up the firm fibrous scar tissue; this is accomplished by gentle microneedling of the area.

treatments for men - acne


Microneedling for scar removal works by introducing many tiny 0.15mm diameter needles to a depth of 1-2mm into the skin. This creates a small channel that disrupts the fibrous scar, un-tethering it from the cells below. It encourages natural phagocytes and macrophages to digest and remove excess fibrous material. With our professional level microneedling device the process can be undertaken comfortably with minimal discomfort. The needles enter and leave the skin so fast that the needle is only present in the skin for about a thousandth of a second per application and a full face can be treated with the device in as little as 5 minutes.

Typically scar removal takes 6 visits, each spaced 4-6 weeks apart. Results are not instant; however, there is minimal downtime. The vast majority of people will have skin that resembles the look you get when your face has caught the sun and is slightly reddened. This lasts from 2-24 hrs so can easily be built into your week so that no-one is any the wiser.

Chemical Peels

Another excellent treatment for acne is Chemical peels. Chemical peels gentle remove the superficial surface layer of dead skin cells that result in blocked pores and a build-up of oils that can lead to acne. Chemical peels are also naturally antimicrobial, reducing associated inflammation and redness.

These treatments are spaced out 4 weeks apart to give the skin time to regenerate and produce new healthier cells. The majority of our patients require between 3 to 6 treatments to clear up their existing acne and reduce further acne breakouts. The result is then maintained by a single treatment session once every 1-3 months depending on your individual skin needs.

Anti-wrinkle treatment

Many men don’t want to feel like they look like they have had work done, but at the same time want to rid themselves of the tired look they now think their face reflects. A great way to lock in your natural looks and put off the effects of the hands of time is the use of Anti-wrinkle injectables. This treatment can stop the muscles of the forehead and face from contracting and creating harsh lines and wrinkles. This process takes as little as 20 minutes and lasts for between 3-9 months. It gives you an effective result that helps you to maintain a healthy look.

treatments for men - anti-wrinkle injections

Dermal fillers

A growing trend in male orientated facial aesthetics is enhancing your features through the use of dermal fillers to give a stronger, sharper and more masculine profile. Imagine being able to take a weak undefined chin and turn it into a solid manly profile. With dermal fillers, we can do precisely that. Classically this is achieved by targeting key features and providing more bulk in those areas with dermal fillers. This can result in a more defined and solid chin and jawline.

Excess sweating

An often un-talked about issue many men suffer from is excess sweating, this can have severe impacts in your everyday life. From dictating the colour and style clothes you wear for fear of showing embarrassing sweat stains to robbing you of your confidence at the gym and sports centres.

The great news is a quick and easy treatment is available. Using the same anti-wrinkle injectables, we can target the glands that secrete sweat. The procedure will cause those glands to produce far less liquid, helping you to get your confidence back. What is even better is results last for 4-12 months, so you get peace of mind for month after month.

sweat reduction treatment

If any of the above treatments have struck a chord and is something you would like to find more out about, then get in touch today with our clinic, and we can arrange a face to face free consultation to discuss how we can help you.