Banish embarrassing sweat stains

With everyone making their New Year’s resolutions, gyms and sports centres are going to be full to bursting with the sweating masses. However, you need not worry and can banish embarrassing sweat stains with Rejuvenates excessive sweating treatments.

Sweating is a natural reaction when the body is put under a certain level of strain. Sweating aids in temperature control; however, when excessive sweating (also known as hyperhidrosis) is present, it can cause embarrassing sweat stains. This can rob your confidence and impacts your everyday life by dictating the colour and style of clothes you wear. The most common areas for hyperhidrosis to effect are the armpits, followed by the feet, hands and face.

Banish embarrassing sweat stains

Sweat reduction injections

The great news is a quick and easy sweat reduction treatment is available. Using the same anti-wrinkle injectables we use for wrinkle reduction, we can target the glands that secrete sweat. This results in those glands producing far less liquid, helping you to get your confidence back. What is even better is results last for 4-12 months, so you get peace of mind for month after month.

The procedure itself consists of small injections to the treatment area. Sweat reduction injections will reduce sweating in the area by 70-90% within 10-14 days. Before treatment, it is recommended that you should avoid shaving one to three days before treatment to reduce irritation. After treatment you can go straight back to work, there is no downtime involved in the procedure.

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sweat reduction treatment

Do you want the edge against sweat stains but need time to consider your options? Then look below at my top tips to reduce sweating:

  • Apply antiperspirants before bed, as the gland is less active and will be more likely to be successfully blocked.
  • Wear light breathable fabrics with good ventilation.
  • Reduce or avoid caffeine as it stimulates the adrenal glands leading to sweat production in the palms, feet and underarms.