Clay dentures – you couldn’t make it up

Some people will do anything to avoid getting proper dental treatment, and we’ve come across some pretty bizarre stories ourselves. DIY dentistry is not new, and every year there appear to be further examples of this worrying trend involving super adhesives, epoxy resins, over the counter repair kits and . . . Clay dentures.

Clay dentures – you couldn’t make it up

The latest example, however, is the most peculiar we’ve ever heard. In British Columbia, Canadian dental regulators are going to court to shut down a DIY denturist who makes false teeth out of modelling clay.

The story broke in the Mirror about a week ago after the man allegedly promoted his services on advertising and discussion forum, Craigslist. It seems unbelievable, and we must acknowledge that the red top Press is not an approved source. However, a Google search for ‘clay dentures’ throws up plenty of links to this story and a whole load of other DIY dental horror stories too.

DIY clay dentures

DIY dentistry kits are soaring

According to some reports, DIY dentistry kits are rising, and in an earlier blog article, we highlighted the dangers of DIY denture repairs. For all dentists, these are worrying trends.

What we don’t want to see is the birth of an unregulated cottage industry that promotes potentially unsafe dental practices.

Given the very high risk of pain and potentially life-threatening infections, it’s essential we promote proper dental intervention and not least with denture provision.

We were amazed to find businesses promoting not just temporary filling fixes but also DIY denture building kits.

Denture wearers are some of the most challenging of dentistry patient groups and prescribing prosthetics demands a precise procedure that evaluates not only the best options for a snug fit but the bite and size of teeth. It’s a hugely complex procedure.

In a series of blogs, we want to take you through the appointments our denture patients are given and explain in detail what happens during those sessions and the laboratory work that goes on behind the scenes. Look out for the first in the series, which is all about the first consultation.