Denture procedure part 1: The first consultation

  • Complimentary first consultation

  • Understanding patient goals

  • Understanding denture choices

The Denture Clinic has gained a national reputation with its approach to high-quality prescriptions. Patients have travelled from the Highlands of Scotland, Dorset, North Wales and the Home Counties to find solutions for often long-standing problems.

People from ex-pats communities in Spain and Portugal have also been through our doors. So what it is that inspires these people to travel hundreds of miles to find a resolution when doubtless they could have found a resolve much nearer to their homes?

We would never presume there are not equally good dentures as our prosthetics available elsewhere but do feel we’re doing something exceptional with more than 3,500 denture patients on our clinical list.

Fastidious attention to detail, quality, our laboratory, the best of dental and production equipment, talented technicians, and not least, an approachable, innovative clinical team help define the patient experience that’s delivered in modern, highly-motivated practice.

In a series of blogs, we want to take you through the appointments our denture patients are given and explain in detail what happens during those sessions and the laboratory work that goes on behind the scenes.

For this article, we are going to take a look at what happens at your first denture consultation.

Denture procedure part 1: The first consultation

The Denture Clinic offers a complimentary first consultation

Complimentary Denture Clinic consultation

To successfully treat patients we need to know what’s going on in their mouth, but critically we also need to understand their expectation.

During that first encounter, we can begin to forge a relationship that will eventually create a treatment model. Our patients are actively encouraged to contribute to any clinical plan that’s put together and it may involve not only our Principal, Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng), who has a particular interest in denture provision, but also our dentist Dr Owain Rees BDS, DGDP (UK), Dip Imp Dent (UCL) and our hygiene therapists.

We are a multi-disciplined practice with a large raft of skills under a single roof, and our denture patients often are exposed to many of them.

Why there’s no charge for the first consultation

The first consultation with Steven is free. It’s long-standing policy within the practice and here’s the reason: There’s no charge because it’s hugely important to us that patients never feel pressured into making decisions they’d later regret. Committing financially at a first consult is not the way we do business at the Denture Clinic. We do not sell dentures, but we do help our patients make informed decisions, within budget, for the best possible clinical outcomes.

Educated choices, not sales-driven purchases, are what we ultimately seek from our patients.

Understanding patient goals

Our patents can expect to be asked what their aspirations are. Some want relief from painful dentures, while others demand a cosmetic approach.

Be assured; whatever we do, we will always aim to exceed expectations.

Patients will be given a generous amount of time to explain their oral problems, and we will contribute with clinical input.

Talking freely about dentures

We understand it’s sometimes awkward talking about dentures, but we’re not afraid to discuss the latest clinical options with false teeth. Everything is confidential. Often there’s a sense of relief from patients finding listening ears and people who understand their issues. It’s our experience that dental problems can lead to social compromises too.

X-rays or scans

Sometimes, to obtain a clearer picture of patients’ clinical needs, either an X-ray or 3D scan is required. While the examination is free, we do need to charge for these additional services.

Denture consultation

Oral examination

The free Denture Clinic examination will check on the condition of the soft tissue within the mouth and gums and also establish if there is any bone degeneration in the jaw. We’ll also check on your bite, the general condition of your jaw and there will be a visual screening for oral cancer.

We’ll also make checks on the head and neck.

Those with any remaining native teeth will be referred to our dentist, who will then be engaged with the final, agreed treatment plan.

dental X-ray

Dental X-Ray

Dental 3D scan

Dental 3D scan

Dental and general medical history

All patients will be expected to disclose their dental and medical history.

Many patients come to us as a last resort to help resolve on-going problems with their dentures. Sometimes previous treatment models have failed, so it’s crucial we understand the therapies you have received.

The way ahead

If the patients have questions – most do – we will answer them jargon-free and face to face.

We will also tell you what clinical options are available. Denture provision has evolved at a pace even over the last five years, and improved materials and techniques have increased the palette of solutions we can now deliver.

Understanding denture choices

There are many different choices of denture provision available at the Denture Clinic – everything from high-quality traditional dentures to implant retained over-dentures.

Construction methods can vary vastly, and our costs fairly reflect the complexity of treatment, time taken and materials used. A written quote will be supplied.

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