Makeup tips for the over 50’s

Beauty has no age, here are a list of makeup tips for the over 50’s allowing you to achieve a natural and stunning look. Enhance and emerge as a more confident and vibrant you.

Makeup tips for the over 50s

The stages:

1. Cleanse: E.g. Skinpep Revitalising Cleansing Foam.

2. Toner: Re-balance the skin’s PH, Signals Defence for skin creates acid mantle (no alcohol), e.g. witch hazel botanical, calendula.

3. Moisturise: Use an SPF 30+: light, non-greasy (over 50’s often have drier skin), dot on for even distribution then massage in (e.g. Skinpep Hydra Sun Defence Spf30 day cream)

4. Foundation: Apply with a make-up sponge (wet then squeeze out). Half close your eyes and look up, dab the sponge under the eyes and blend out over the entire face and neck wherever there is uneven skin tone (top tip use one with excellent coverage, so you need to use a lot less, we want to use as little as possible). E.g. Kat von D beauty lock it foundation, £27 Debenhams.

5. Concealer: Under eye (tear trough), on darker areas, in the outer creases of the eyes to help them open. Use a small amount, then lightly dab to even out slightly. Put a small amount on a brush to lighten problem areas (e.g. age spots, broken capillaries, tear trough, upper eyelids).

6. Eye shadow: Light, mid, dark for the refine crease. Use matt colours, keep both eyes open when applying to the eye crease and outer third. Then close one eye and blend. You can add one shade lighter to the middle third and part of the inner third. Use a brighter shade at the very most inner area of the eye, near the tear duct and also directly below the lower arch of the eyebrow to create lift.

7. Eyeliner: Dark on the rim, one shade lighter parallel (match to your hair colour, browns for blondes and mid brunettes and blacks for dark brunettes). Close your eye and apply from the inner corner (nose side) to the outer edge. Do not extend at this point. Now open the eye, apply from the outer edge with an upward curve. This will lift and open the eye. You want to apply it at rest (avoid overly stretching the skin as when you let go the skin will sit differently to when applied).

8. Brow: Enhance the arch rather than focus on the inner area; this provides a lift. Give a full heavy brow as the brow thins with age; thus a thicker brow is associated with a more youthful face. Felt tip pen, very translucent, to give a good base and use to define the arch line. Eyebrow pencil to fill out the brow especially in areas where over-plucked. Go along the direction of hair growth, then use an eyebrow brush (similar to a mascara wand) to finish.

9. Use eyelash curler: Hold for around 5 seconds.

10. Mascara: Use a waterproof product to set the curl. You can then apply another coat, use fingertips to remove any overly clumped areas.

11. Concealer as a highlighter: Under the eyes, T-zone (nose and forehead), upper cheek.

12. Blush: Apply with a broad, soft brush; choose very soft natural tones. If you prefer warmer tones, you can use a bronzing powder. Again less is more and ideally choose a more translucent powder that won’t clump. You can use bronzer at the temples and under the neck to frame the face well.

13. Lips: Use natural tones. Round out cupids bow and define with lip liner. Do not overextend; it rarely works. Then fill in with lipstick, use one with a moisturiser. Blot and reapply.

beauty tips for the over 50s

General tips

  • Choose natural products
  • Choose light products that will not clump into creases
  • Do not over pluck brows
  • Use naturally occurring shades (e.g. Softer tones, subtle colours)
  • You are going to look unusual mid-stage, trust the process, it will all come together at the end
  • If you are trying new looks and techniques be patient and kind to yourself, it will take time and repetition to master. If you are not used to wearing make-up or are trying a new look you will often be very self-conscious and feel over made up initially. Stick with it and let the compliments come
  • Avoid heavy powders as they will settle into creases
  • Ensure make-up sponge and brushes are cleaned well after use

We hope these tips helped and that you are ready to start feeling more vibrant and start turning heads. Its time for you to shine, and remember your skin is the canvas on which the make-up will sit.

For best results ensure you have a skin care regime that works for you and are having regular skin peels to provide an even base.

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