Congratulations Demi!

We are pleased to congratulate Dental Nurse Demi on passing her Dental Radiography course. Demi has achieved her BDA Education Certificate in Dental Radiography – a nationally recognised qualification that entitles you to take radiographs (x-rays) unsupervised.

Congratulations Demi

A Dentist or Dental Care Professional always prescribe radiographs, but it always helps to be able to have different members of the team who can take these images to keep the clinics running smoothly. X-rays are used to identify what is going on in the mouth in areas we cannot see. Particularly in the bone and the areas of teeth we cannot see beneath the gum.

For the last 6 months, Demi has been working hard on learning all about the uses of x-rays as part of the dental setting and had to pass 25 modules of the course. As part of her course, Demi has learnt: the anatomy of the skull and the facial tissues and density of the facial structures. Other modules included the safe use of x-rays including knowing doses, radiation protection, the physics of atoms and ionising radiation and identifying abnormalities. Demi also had to take numerous x-rays for her portfolio under the supervision of our clinicians. A lot to do alongside her nursing!

Congratulations Demi! All the hard work has paid off. Make sure to congratulate her if she is taking your next x-ray here at the clinic.