Your gums have a colour shade… did you know?

The Denture Clinic at North Street gives patients more choice when choosing the acrylic used for their finished dentures. SR Ivocap High Impact acrylic shows a marked improvement in quality when compared to other denture acrylics.

Patients can now choose a high impact denture base acrylic in five shades, this means a better match their natural tissue.

gums have a colour shade

The density of the acrylic produces a denture that has high shock and fracture resistance. It also has excellent polishability and is less likely to stain. Its polymerisation is carefully controlled using both heat and pressure which results in a hard wearing and long lasting denture material. The acrylic provides an outstanding bond to the resin used in the teeth.

The advantage of using SR Ivocap high impact acrylic in conjunction with the Ivobase injector system means that patients will benefit from a precision fit which also provides a stable base for implant supported dentures. The SR Ivocap High Impact acrylic denture base material is predosed and can be accurately mixed to a clean, homogeneous consistency in a machine.

Your gums have a colour shade

SR Ivocap dentures are of outstanding precision and quality. For the patient, this means unsurpassed fit with maximum suction capacity and high wearing stability. The homogeneous structure of the SR Ivocap denture reduces exposure to mucosa irritation and stomatitis (a fungal irritation common to denture wearers).

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