Traditional dentures or implants?

Whether traditional dentures or implants, the aesthetics with the Denture Clinic are always a high priority

It’s a searching question, we know, and decisions regarding dentures or implants as a preferred option are never that easy to answer as every case presents differently.

But in this blog, we’re going to try to address the question. We must point out, however, the comments here are general observations.

Dentures or implants: The considerations

Traditional dentures or implants – there are so many things to consider: Clinical information, your own goals, long-term prognosis, comfort, do you have remaining healthy teeth and not least, budget.

We are aware the cost of implants and the thought of surgery can make some lean toward having traditional dentures – we understand and are more than happy to hand-craft them for you.

Traditional dentures made to our exacting standards – we are hugely proud of the prosthetic work turned out from our on-site laboratory – have excellent functional capability and look totally natural.

Traditional dentures or implants?

Dentures or implants?

For the Denture Clinic, there is no such thing as a ‘premier league’ solution with our implants.

All work carried out here gets the same diligence, the same attention to excellence. The patient care, too, is always a priority no matter what the treatment.

Our driving force is one that desires the best possible clinical outcome while recognising that implants are not everyone’s first choice.

We regularly see happy outcomes from both implant-retained over-dentures and traditional dentures and always give our patients time to consider the options. There’s never any hard sell, and we’re happy for people to mull over the information they receive from us for as long as they wish.

The obvious differences between the two avenues of treatment make it apparent that both solutions are worth researching.

Our dentures are of the highest possible quality and use only the very best of materials and manufacturing processes. We would expect only a perfect fit and for them to look natural and function well.

Quality traditional dentures – our track record says it all: Patients travelling from Spain, Portugal, the Highlands of Scotland, North Wales and Dorset to engage in our creative dentistry. Currently, we have more than 3500 denture patients on our books.

Of course, it’s easy for us to maintain our high standards because we have a laboratory on the premises. Nothing is shipped overseas and our technicians, we believe, have exceptional skills.

implant retained dentures

Implant retained dentures

Traditional dentures can be your best option

Denture patients represent perhaps the most challenging of those people visiting our surgeries. Typically, they will be assigned more than three-and-a-half surgery hours for us to achieve the best possible outcome.

We’re all about quality and excellent patient experience.

For some, dentures are the only clinical option. Bone loss due to the ageing process or periodontal disease and some underlying medical conditions can rule out surgery for placing implants. Therefore, you must never think traditional dentures are ‘poor relatives’ to their implant retained counterparts. They are simply different and can be equally as glamorous. Honestly! We can also offer suction and suction cup dentures which offer a non-invasive alternative to dental implants.

Benefits of dental implants

It would, however, be unfair not to trumpet the benefit from implants.

Whereas dentures fail to stimulate the gum and bone when eating the same way teeth do, implants can halt bone erosion as the titanium fixings fuse into the jaw.

No matter how good our dentures are, we are obliged to inform patients that the contours of the gums change with ageing and at some future point – typically five years, but this does not always apply – we would expect to be looking at a reline adjustments or a new prescription.

Similarly, while we would not expect the dental implants to fail, the overdentures that are fixed to them will need maintenance at some time in the future.

What is interesting, is the growing trend towards implant therapy, especially for those with multiple failing teeth. Our all-on-4 treatment is a popular consideration for such circumstances.

quality dentures consultation

Dentures or implants: The patients choice

Traditional dentures or implants – ultimately, it is the patients’ choice, and it’s our responsibility to deliver to them the right clinical information to be able to make proper, informed choices.

Whatever the final choice, you can be confident of thing . . . Both options will look great, and for the untrained eye it would be near impossible to tell the difference between each, or indeed between either and healthy, real teeth.

Want to know more? Come and have a chat with us. Our first consultation is complimentary.