Survey shows half dissatisfied with dentures

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We’re very keen on what others say about dentures and stumbled on a recent study conducted to determine patients’ satisfaction with their current prosthetics.

The poll also addressed changes or improvements they would like in the future, patient familiarity with various esthetic options and their favoured source of denture information.

Additionally, the survey examined patients’ perceptions regarding the reason for a change of denture, denture longevity, cleaning and maintenance habits.

Here we go with the top ten findings involving 426 responses:

Survey shows half dissatisfied with dentures

Denture satisfaction level extremely low

Overall, 48 per cent of participants stated that they were unhappy with their current dentures.

1. The survey determined that 45 per cent of patients were dissatisfied with their current dentures because of poor fit, pain, and size, while 11 per cent were dissatisfied because of the dentures’ poor and unnatural appearance.

2. In terms of denture longevity, 58 per cent of those surveyed had only ever owned one denture, and 51 per cent felt that dentures should last between five and 10 years.

3. Only five per cent of those surveyed were completely satisfied with their dentures. The two largest categories for improvement were in comfort of their dentures (77 per cent) and appearance (49 per cent).

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Natural looking dentures – a Denture Clinic hallmark

Natural looking dentures are required

5. When asked when they would get a new denture, 36 per cent of participants responded in less than a year, while the next highest group (13 per cent) stated that they would receive a new denture when their dentist determines that their current denture needs to be replaced.

6. Some, 57 per cent said they would expect to pay more than £3,000 for dentures

7. With about half of those surveyed dissatisfied with their dentures, 46 per cent of patients said they would change the facial appearance or support of their dentures, 42 per cent would change the tooth position, and 38 per cent would alter the gums, as the “pink acrylic does not look natural.”

A need to get all the denture options

8. Although there are a variety of dentures available, 54 per cent of surveyed patients were not given opportunities for their current dentures by their dentist as far as quality or materials. Additionally, 47 per cent of patients stated that they were not familiar with the various options in quality and esthetics for dentures.

9. Some and 63 per cent of those surveyed indicated that they would pay more for a denture that looks like natural teeth and 76 per cent said they would pay more for a denture that fits better.

10. Those surveyed used two primary sources to gain information about dentures — 74 per cent of patients spoke with their dentist, and 74 per cent used an online search. Additionally, the patients indicated that it would be beneficial when researching dentures to use personal stories (59 per cent); pictures, videos, and tutorials (54 per cent); opinions of experts (35 per cent); and product or material information (35%).

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Choosing the right dentures

How the stats stack up: The survey demonstrates that about 95 per cent of patients may be dissatisfied with their current dentures and lack the education or choice when selecting the appropriate denture.

The two most important features of denture satisfaction appear to be comfort and esthetics. Additionally, although about one-third of respondents are looking to replace their existing dentures within the year, most patients use their dentist and the Internet as their primary information sources.

Working life experience in denture provision

Of course, we realise at the Denture Clinic that surveys are not necessarily a true reflection of satisfaction or otherwise. But there are indicators here that have a resonance with us.

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*Survey source: DPR (Dental Products Report)