Suction cup dentures – a non-invasive denture process

A resurgence of an old idea has caught the attention of the British Dental Journal as the latest non-invasive system to secure oral prosthetics.

Traditionally, patients with flat gums – often the result of the natural ageing process – always present clinical challenges in the denture prescribing process and often implant stabilisation is the solution of choice.

But the Suction Cup System (not to be confused with suction valve dentures) is the latest hot news in denture provision, and it’s now available at the Denture Clinic at North Street, Dudley, West Midlands.

non-invasive suction cup dentures

Suction cup dentures from the Denture Clinic – a non-invasive denture process

‘Octopus’ technology offers hope on stability problems

The science is borrowed from the octopus – its soft suckers, of which there are many on its tentacles, combining to create a strong grip.

Cups for the dentures are moulded into a traditional-looking prescription using soft silicone rubber and can benefit upper and lower teeth. They are effectively micro suckers which are built into the denture where the soft tissue contact area is likely to offer poor adhesion.

This process allows the technician to tailor the suction to match the patient’s gum shape and stability requirements.

For the tens of thousands of people whose lifestyle is forever compromised by poorly functioning dentures that tilt, slip and slide, the Suction Cup System offers a potential solution without surgery.

Suction cup dentures – a non-invasive denture process

Suction cup dentures – can offer help with denture stabilisation

Many reasons compromise denture retention, but the most common detrimental oral change is a wasting away of the normally raised gum profile that remains after teeth removal.

The result is a significant decrease in denture base support and the ability to retain the prosthesis. While it is possible to enhance the gum profile and/or place implants surgically, not all patients are surgical candidates, or indeed, wish to be.

A clear indicator of whether dentures fit correctly is the amount of fixative used, how many times you need to re-apply during a day and critically, whether you have confidence in your teeth.

Suction cup dentures manufacture

Suction cup dentures join the Denture Clinic range of services

Steven Burchell Dip CDT RCS(Eng) (GDC 108353), principal of the clinic which continues to attract patients from all over the UK and beyond, says: “We have tooled up for this new process, and it’s a great addition to a wide range of solutions already available at the Denture Clinic.

“Having our laboratory, staffed with very talented technicians, allows us to explore the full potential of this revived technology, which was initially patented more than 100 years ago.

“We have thoroughly researched the process, and manufacturing these prosthetics with their multiplicity of tiny soft suction cups presents its challenges.

It does, however, deliver a new, non-invasive alternative for denture wearers. Many of whom present every week with examples of how ill-fitting prosthetics have stopped them eating correctly; eroded confidence compromised their lifestyle.

“The common problem is that the vital oral structures for average denture retention have been lost and for those people, these so-called ‘octopus dentures’ may offer a solution.

“We are very pleased to offer this treatment, but it must be made clear, that just like other suction denture solutions, it will not be suitable for everyone.”

So how does it work? A soft silicone lining is used to make the cups and underbite pressure a stabilising sucking vacuum is created to hold the dentures against the soft tissues of the mouth.

“Technology is advancing so rapidly, and we are determined to keep on the very cusp of developments, so here we are again in the vanguard of delivering this treatment described by the manufacturers as ‘a revolution in denture stability’,” adds Steven.

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Complimentary first appointment

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