Storing your dentures

  • Making sure dentures don’t warp

  • Keeping dentures in water can help

  • Always remember to clean dentures

We cannot stress enough the importance of proper denture maintenance. Looking after your dentures will help preserve them and help ensure no nasty bacteria is transferred from the prosthetic into your mouth.

The simple act of storing dentures in water or your chosen cleansing solution is one of the essential steps in proper denture maintenance.

Your dentures might appear like they’re a plastic that wouldn’t absorb water, but they do. Water becomes incorporated into the matrix of the denture base material, which is typically made from polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA).

Keeping dentures in a solution overnight will help stop warping, but never use hot water – that’s a sure way to cause damage to fitting surfaces.

In some cases, if dentures dry out too much, they can become deformed.

Unlike so many smart bed mattresses they don’t have the kind of memory engineering that lets them return to their original shape after being damaged. Once dentures have become twisted and the harmonious surfaces damaged, chances are they will need replacing.

Storing your dentures

Storing your dentures – water is an excellent choice

Don’t forget to clean your dentures

Another benefit of storing dentures in water is that it reminds you of how important it is to clean your dentures thoroughly every day.

Showing discipline in cleaning will help reduce bacteria build-up on dirty dentures.

For those wanting a deep cleansing on their dentures, the Denture Clinic onsite laboratory offers a professional denture cleaning service that will get them looking like new in just a few minutes. Call us to book in for this while-you-wait service.

Protect dentures from breakage

Dentures are made incredibly strong – for the purpose they serve.

Indeed, they can also be very durable, but some types of strain can make them vulnerable to breaking.

In particular, dentures can break if they’re dropped. It’s worth stating the obvious, but if you are not wearing them, keep them somewhere safe.

Losing your dentures

Over some thirty years of working with dentures, our principal, Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) has heard it all . . . from tales of pets to not-quite-so-convincing ‘accidents’. But whatever the reason, people lose their dentures.

Interesting, isn’t it, that you are more likely that you’ll lose dentures if they are uncomfortable and tend to spend time with them out of your mouth.

If this is the case, book an appointment with the Denture Clinic now. Our first consultation is complimentary.

Recovery from wearing dentures

Our mouths take a lot of battering – especially if you wear dentures. Taking your oral prosthetics out at night will help the soft tissues recover from the day’s toil of eating, speaking and drinking.

Implant retained over-dentures

Some dentures can quite literally be stored in your mouth . . .

Although it’s often recommended that you take out dentures at night, it’s not always required. Implant retained over-dentures can be worn at all times.

Tired of the restrictions dentures can bring? Want to know more about permanently fixed replacement teeth? Book a complimentary first consultation with our principal.

dentures in a glass of water