Practice Plan for Our Denture Wearers

For those with full dentures provided by ourselves here at the Denture Clinic in Dudley, we would like to offer our full ongoing support so you can maintain your dentures and your oral health.

We have our ‘Traditional Dentures’ Practice Plan, designed to offer you a comprehensive service all year round. We strongly believe we have created an excellent membership plan tailored to your individual dental needs.

This yearly plan includes: a denture examination with Steven our Clinical Dental Technician, a soft tissue examination with Owain our Dentist, three professional Sympro denture cleans, minor repairs, unlimited adjustments (excluding relines), minor repairs and 20% off any sundries bought from the practice and any other treatments received such as additional Sympro cleans.

Sympro cleans are our professional cleaning service and are included in this plan to be done every four months, as guidelines suggest. Read more about Sympro cleaning here in our previous blog post on denture cleaning.

The plan also gives dental insurance including dental trauma of up to £10,000 and emergency call outs up to £200 in the UK or £350 abroad. The coverage also has many other benefits that you may be entitled to.

Practice Plan for Our Denture Wearers

It is important to know that even without any natural teeth present, your mouth still requires being checked by a dentist on a yearly basis. As part of your plan, the soft tissues will be examined for health, trauma and signs of oral cancer. The dentures will also be examined to assess their fit and their function levels in your mouth.

Our prices start from £7.99 a month for our ‘Traditional Dentures’ plan. Overall, this plan gives you a saving of £25 to receive the maintenance treatment that is suggested for your oral care.

We also offer plans for those with natural teeth and for those with implant supported dentures. These come as part of our North Street Dental Practice Plans and our clinicians will advise you on the most suitable plan for yourself and your dental needs.

If you would like to find out more information or you are interested in joining a Practice Plan, give us a call and speak to a member of staff on 01384 254067. You can find more details on all the benefits on our practice plan page.