Not all dentures are made equal

Nestling in the heart of the Black Country is the Denture Clinic. Our nearest landmark is Dudley’s famous castle, and of course, we have Teddy Gray’s legendary herbal sweet factory opposite our practice.

By any standards, the clinic is remarkably well presented, but it’s not what we are noted for though we are fiercely proud of what’s been achieved over the years at our North Street site.

As someone said: “Who’d have thought little old Dudley would become famous for its dentures?”

It’s not quite like the acclaim enjoyed by our industrial forefathers, who in the early 1800s saw Dudley become pivotal in the Industrial Revolution, but our teeth have certainly made an impression on a national scale.

Not all dentures are made equal

Not all dentures are made equal – ours are hand-crafted on the premises in our dental lab

We attract patients from Dorset in the south, from the Scottish Highlands and North Wales and the ex-pats community from Spain and Portugal. We find it remarkable.

And we find the kind of patients we attract equally exceptional: A multi-millionaire with his own jet, a former SAS mountain warfare specialist, healthcare professionals, company directors and ‘our little old ladies from the town.’

What attracts them? For most, we are their last hope in resolving ongoing denture problems. Our reputation for solving issues with false teeth is now well known. What’s more, we are friendly, approachable and with a laboratory on the premises, there’s not much we can’t tackle in-house.

We believe our teeth are exceptionally well made – hand-crafted from the finest materials by a hand-picked team of excellent dental technicians.

You see, not all dentures are made equal. The quality control on our prosthetics is exacting, with every process of a prescription under one roof.

quality dentures

Natural is our hallmark

Our equipment is cutting-edge, our eye for detail sharp and use teeth that are crafted using advanced material science to ensure an enhanced appearance and dependable wear for years to come.

With our Ivoclar Vivadent denture teeth we can tailor a look and personalise choices to fit your lifestyle. We select the type of tooth line that meets your fit and functional requirements.

Can dentures ever be glamorous? Yes, a thousand times yes.

Advanced layering techniques make Ivoclar Vivadent teeth look amazingly life-like replicating the depth and beauty of natural teeth.

Cosmetic dentures? Who’d have thought it, but that’s what we can do, and ‘natural’ is our hallmark.

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