Do not risk DIY denture repair kits

  • Instant glue never intended for oral use

  • Unsealed fissures can trap harmful bacteria

  • You can get a repair while you wait

With claims of extremely durable fixes and high mechanical strength, DIY denture repair kits are readily available on the internet.

Of course, they are, along with dangerous teeth whitening bleach therapies, DIY facelifts ‘tapes’ and all manner of other crazy options to tempt people to part with their money.

So let’s say this right at the start . . . When dentures need repairing, the best option is always to seek professional help. Honestly!

Sadly, it appears a perception exists that you can glue your dentures back together with some off the shelf product at the local DIY store.

We’ve seen them all – super glue, two-pack epoxy resin repairs and, more worrying, lab repairs where the acrylic resin has not been cured at the correct temperature and has become an irritant in the patient’s mouth. In these cases the outer skin only of the resin repair has hardened, leaving a semi-liquid inner core that reacts with the soft tissues.

Think you can fix cracked or broken dentures effectively and safely? Think again.

Do not risk DIY denture repair kits

Do not risk DIY denture repair kits

Many types of glue are toxic

The materials we use on repairs at the Denture Clinic in Dudley are temperature sensitive and are computer controlled in a highly-regulated environment.

You should never, ever, use internet glue to carry out repairs as you know nothing of its chemical content or whether it has been produced under proper medical regulation.

If the glue on your dentures is toxic, it will transdermally, or through the saliva, the process passes into your bloodstream. We have to ask: Is it worth the risk?

The mechanics of repairs are exact, often involves milling and always polishing. What’s more, we use the same product of which the denture is made to furnish the repair, and it melds into the damaged denture. No orally safe glue can do that.

Cyanoacrylate adhesives (instant glues) were never manufactured for oral use and when used on cracks will often leave fissures that are traps for harmful bacteria.

denture technicians at work

Professional denture repairs at the Denture Clinic

For our technicians, repairing dentures for patients is a particularly straightforward process. Most can be done while you wait and normally within 45 minutes. web link here
Indeed denture repair products are available for consumers, but that leaves plenty of room for error. What’s in the product? Will your repair job prevent the growth of bacteria in the break? In the end, dentures surely are far too expensive to trust DIY denture repair kits.

So next time your dentures are in need of repair, see a professional – come and see us in North Street. We’re friendly and accessible and have many years of experience that has seen the Denture Clinic attract patients from overseas and as far away as the Highlands of Scotland. We have off road parking, level access and are disabled friendly.