Dentures and young people

  • Immediate dentures so no toothless period

  • New dentures – practice speaking alone

  • Implant retained dentures stop tilts and slips

It’s often assumed that all Denture Clinic patients are elderly – after all, isn’t it just old people who wear false teeth?

Indeed, a lot of mature people do wear oral prosthetics, but some younger people also do. Tooth loss has happened at any age for any number of reasons, but it doesn’t mean you have to live without a great smile and functional teeth.

Implant therapy is always the dentists’ preferred option for replacement teeth, but it’s not always what is required by the patient.

We understand that finding out you need replacement teeth at a young age can be stressful, but you can be sure of an understanding response from us here at North Street Denture Clinic.

The good news is, with a few small changes in your oral care routine and diet, you can be confident about living with dentures.

Like their mature relations, younger people can lose teeth due to gum disease and tooth decay.

But they could suffer from dental abnormalities or be the victims of severe tooth erosion from gastrointestinal reflux which causes stomach acid to regurgitate into the mouth.

Dentures and young people

Dentures and young people

Dentures a long-term solution

Whatever the cause of the problem, dentures offer a long-term solution and after an adjustment period, the patient can continue a diet that is nearly the same as before – with a more attractive and healthier smile.

Younger patients may feel especially sensitive about their appearance when having dentures fitted, but we do offer treatment options that help avoid embarrassment. Having removed the compromised remaining permanent teeth, we must wait several months while the gums change shape before they can receive permanent dentures. During this time, however, we can offer immediate dentures that are fitted directly after tooth extraction,

Immediate dentures – for young and older patients – ensure there’s no awkward toothless period.

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Implant retained over-dentures

Of course, we are well known in Dudley, the West Midlands and beyond, for our implant retained over-dentures.

Regular dentures in the lower jaw are not as secure in the mouth as upper, and they sometimes slip, but implant-supported dentures offer a high level of security. Just a couple of implants can help keep the lower denture in place with clever press-stud like mechanisms. This kind of over-denture prosthetics can be removed for cleaning by the patient. You’ll need to keep in mind the process for fitting implant-supported dentures takes several months, and there must be sufficient jawbone to hold the implants in place.

Generally in a few weeks, or sometimes a few months, patients feel comfortable wearing dentures. At first, speaking and eating take practice, the dentures may feel loose or bulky in the mouth, and there is usually some extra saliva flow. However, with time, these effects fade.

Adjusting to living with dentures

While adjusting to living with dentures, practice speaking alone. Over time, your mouth muscles will adapt, and your speech will improve. Eat soft foods cut into small pieces at first, and gradually return to your regular diet as you learn to chew and bite with your new teeth. Just be sure to avoid sticky, hard or chewy foods that your dentures may not be able to handle.

Denture care is similar to caring for permanent teeth and not difficult or complicated. Use a soft-bristled toothbrush to clean your new teeth, and leave them to soak in a cleaning solution overnight.