Denture facts and fiction

  • Seven things you need to know about dentures

  • Denture rumours – get the truth

  • Getting used to dentures

The fiction surrounding dentures never ceases to amaze us. Ignorance, gossip and hand-me-down misinformation have created a long list of denture fiction.

Today, at the Denture Clinic, we’re going to address just seven of the most familiar fictional rumours that present in conversations with denture wearers.

Denture facts and fiction, here goes:

Denture facts and fiction

Dentures as unique as your smile

1 Fiction – You’ll never get back to eating and speaking normally after being prescribed dentures.

Fact – Speaking some words may require practice during the first few weeks, but we’d expect speech to return to what it was before the prescription. As for eating . . . All new dentures take time to get used to, but if the fit is harmonious, most foods can be on the menu. Extra stability can be achieved by having over-dentures set on implants.

2 Fiction – Common models, or moulds, are used to create dentures.

Fact – Our prosthetics are custom-made from the impression of the jaw and mouth taken during your consultation with our practice principal Steven Burchell DipCDT RGS(Eng). Every denture is different and as unique as your smile.

Denture wearers need check-ups too

3 Rumour – Dentures can last a lifetime.

Fact – Although dentures are incredibly durable, that doesn’t mean that they are everlasting. To extend the life of your dentures, you need to make sure you take care of them. Our clinical staff will give you advice on how to do this. Just because these teeth are not ‘real’ does not mean you can ignore their health. Even if you strictly stick to all the guidelines, they will still require replacement at some point in future as changes occur in the mouth naturally.

Steven Burchell with dental nurse Lydia

4 Fiction – My dentures will change the way I look.

Fact – There’s a term being bandied about – facelift dentures. Of course, there are no such prosthetics really, but cleverly constructed dentures can reshape pinched lips and sunken cheeks by replication what natural teeth would have done in supporting soft tissues. Because of the advanced technology we use, our dentures can be a perfect fit and look stunning.

Oral tissues are constantly changing

5 Fiction – I can eat as I always have with my new teeth.

Fact – Although you can eat most foods as you use to before getting your new prescription denture, certain foods may need caution. Just ask Steven, and he’ll advise.

6 Fiction – Once I have my teeth fitted I can forget about my clinician and any other dental care.

Fact – Your oral tissues are constantly changing; therefore, it is essential that you go to your clinician so that they can perform regular oral examinations to catch conditions before they develop into serious problems. It is crucial to continue your visits to the dentists at least two times per year. Clinicians will still be able to perform many vital services for you and can make sure that your prosthetic is still fitting correctly. The Denture Clinic also offers professional deep cleaning of dentures to remove staining.

Good dentures should not need fixatives

7 Fiction – I need to use adhesives to enhance the security of my denture.

Fact – If you do, there’s something wrong. No denture wearers should have to use these fixatives daily for comfortable fitting. Excessive use of these chemicals can cause infections and severe bone loss in the jaw. If your dentures do not fit properly and comfortably in your mouth, make sure to visit your clinician so that they can alleviate this matter once and for all. Good quality dentures should not need a fixative.

A word to the wise. Not all that we hear is true and if you have any doubts about denture provision, or perhaps the way your dentures feel, make an appointment with us – the first consultation is complimentary. What have you to lose?