Lynn’s case study. Singing for joy

‘One stop’ dental services have Lynn singing for joy.

Lynn Jones lives life at a hundred miles an hour, her days punctuated with gardening in her village home, classes for Pilates and keep-fit, reaching for the high notes in her local Sing for Fun choir and planning her next holiday.

“I can’t sing, but its an hour-and-a-half of pure joy,” she declares.

Admitting to being only the slightest bit older than her 70th milestone, she is the perfect example of all that’s great about British country life retirement.

Intelligent, full of energy and laughing easily, she admits to being driven to do things – lots of things.

“Life is for living and Keith [husband] and myself embrace retirement. I’m always on the go, I’ve always got something on and I need things with me to be right,” she says.

Her conversation is light and shares with eager enthusiasm plans for a month’s adventure in Canada.

“We want to do the whole thing . . . Vancouver, Banff, the glacial lakes, the Rockies,” she adds.

‘My teeth are not right’

But as she relaxes in the restroom at North Street Dental, her upbeat demeanour momentarily changes.

“I’m very difficult to live with when my teeth are not right. Just as the rest of my health needs to be right, so do my teeth. Isn’t that right, Keith!” she declares.

Lynn was unaware of problems with her teeth until a regular check-up revealed an upper prosthetic, secured on four mini implants, was not seating correctly. She was originally referred to the dentist who had undertaken the implant work.

“Unfortunately he had retired,” adds the former media employee and member of a public partnership that contributed to the BBC’s purposes remit.


“It was my neighbour who recommended I should see Steven Burchell after his wife had received implants at the clinic,” she recalls.

Unexpectedly, Lynn found further approval while waiting for a delayed homebound flight at the Palma Airport, Majorca.

“Sitting next to us was a lady just making conversation. I asked how far she had to travel after the plane landed and said she lived in Dudley. I mentioned that I was due to see a dentist there.

“Right away she asked ‘would that be Steven Burchell?‘

“’That’s where I go’,” she added.

Principal Steven DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC 108353, adds: “We will not carry out any non-essential surgical procedure and there was no need to replace the mini implants.

“We did, however, provide a new prescription for both upper and lower dentures and the outcome is a very happy one with natural aesthetics and excellent function.”

Praising the “complete appointment” experience, Lynn explains: “I was able to see Owain [clinical lead dentist], have time with Sophie the hygienist, see Steven Burchell and Steve [Morris, advanced dental technician] to get the prosthetics professionally cleaned. It’s an invaluable service and for someone like me, who could be travelling for more than an hour to get here

“The service I have received has been excellent and worth every penny,” she says.

Case Study - Lynn after her treatment

Lynn after her treatment at North Street Dental

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