Summer skin rescue peel

  • Have you overindulged in this year’s heat wave?
  • Spent a little too much time soaking in those radiant rays?
  • Feel your skin is dried out, sun damaged and blotchy?

Rejuvenate is here to rescue you and bring back that fresh-faced luscious skin with our ‘summer skin rescue peel’. Our gentle and hydrating treatments will restore your skin and are a great way to squeeze in an indulgent pampering before Autumn creeps in.

Summer skin rescue peel

Our summer skin rescue peel works by gently removing the superficial top layer of dead and damaged skin cells. This allows healthy fresh and undamaged cells to migrate to the surface and replace them. As most sun spots and pigmentation are also associated with these skin layers, it also helps by removing this excess pigmentation. As a result, you are left with a more balanced and even skin tone.

What makes our summer skin rescue peel so special?

What makes our summer skin rescue peel so special compared with an ordinary peel is the use of our ultrasonic iontophoresis machine. This allows additional absorption of hydrating moisturisers and post-treatment balms. The iontophoresis machine works by using a specially charged soft round plate to cause the hydrating creams to change their charge. This allows them to pass through the skin barrier without using needles (transdermal iontophoresis).

Treatment sessions last 20 minutes, and the active peeling ingredient is only applied for 1-5 minutes. The peel itself is entirely comfortable with no anaesthetic needed. You only experience a gently tingling on the skin for the 1-5 minutes the active peel is applied. The rest of the session is a cleansing, re-balancing and hydrating series of facials using restorative creams and serums.

To maximise your results, the treatments will be initially booked as a group of 3-6 sessions, spaced 2-6 weeks apart. Once you have achieved your perfect glowing skin you can the results can be maintained with additional peels. We recommend a peel once every 1-6 months depending on individual skin types and desires. Each treatment session is £70, so 3 sessions would be £210 and 6 sessions £420.

If healthy even skin tones sound like something you’d like to treat yourself to, then please contact us to arrange a consultation and treatment session today.

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