Vicky’s case study. A natural Dancing Queen

New generation veneers perfect the smile of dance school principal.

Growing up to the strains of Abba’s Dancing Queen and with a mother who loved the ballet, it was a pretty sure bet that Vicky Williams would one day embrace the performing arts.

And the woman, now in her early 30s, didn’t disappoint. From the age of two, her whole life has been focussed on dance and now runs the successful VJ’s Dance Centre, which meets every Saturday at Withymoor Primary School, Gayfield Avenue, Brierley Hill.

As principal of the dance school that teaches ballet, tap, disco and street, she enthuses about the benefits it can bring to developing children, adding the secret of her success is “all in the smile.”

“No matter how I feel, the smile is on. It’s a tool for happiness and an essential part of dance expression, Smiling is infectious with children and for me, a confident smile is essential to what I do and the way I communicate my message to pupils,” she says.

Working as a dance teacher before setting up her own school in 2007, she adds: “It’s all about fun. What’s the point of any parent sending a child to a lesson which is endured and miserable?”

A compromised smile

When Vicky’s smile became compromised she turned to North Street Dental in Dudley for help.

“I’d been to an NHS dentist and they had found cavities on teeth either side of my front, top teeth.”

“I’d had fillings, but you could see the blobs on the teeth and the repairs were a different colour. I had them redone – they were better – but I was still not completely happy and went to see the team at North Street,” she recalls.

Vicky’s treatment plan involved placing four composite veneers into her front, upper crown – two either side of her front teeth.

Componeer veneers are made from robust, hybrid composite enamel, unlike traditional veneers which are porcelain. They can be matched, tailored and fitted during a single dental appointment.

Natural looking veneers

“Results are natural looking – Vicky’s case study is certainly proof of that – and hugely efficient.”

Vicky explains she had veneer treatment in the past when she broke her two front teeth in a playground fall as a child.

“Getting the new ones fitted was easy. I didn’t have to wait for impressions to be taken and all the main work was done in a single appointment,” she adds. “Everyone was great and I’m very happy with the outcome of the treatment,” says Vicky, a NATD-qualified teacher.

“Mum introduced me to the music of Abba at a young age – great melodies to dance to – my sister used to dance and I used to tag along. Hardly surprising then, that with mum’s love of the ballet, I’m doing what I do today and it feels great to have my smile back,” she says.

Case Study - Vicky after her treatment at North Street Dental

Vicky after her treatment at North Street Dental

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