Lee’s case study. Straight talking

Scared of the dentist, but determined to get a dazzling new smile.

Afraid of the dentist, but desperately wanting a new smile, Lee Morgan’s decision for change was a brave one.

Dental problems as a youngster resulted in four teeth being extracted to help with crowding issues.

But the episode haunted him into his adult years. “It was not a very nice experience. I had gas to put me out and memories of waking up and feeling the pain are still vivid today.

Scared of the dentist

“Yes . . . I’m scared of the dentist,” he confesses.

Subsequent teeth troubles were left unattended for more than 20 years, with Lee putting up with a rogue tooth that had grown on the inside of the rest of his upper teeth.

Despite attempts at remedial surgery on his deciduous teeth, Lee’s adult replacements failed to grow correctly. “They were angled, uneven and I didn’t have a great profile,” he says.

Sometimes uncomfortable eating, Lee regularly would bite his tongue.

At 35, the regional sales director for a leading thermal insulations supplier plucked up the courage to face the dentist’s chair after a recommendation to North Street Dental from two friends.

“Esther and Adam Nash both had work carried out by the surgery, with Esther getting sorted after a road accident. Both of them were very pleased, so I decided to pluck up courage and see what could be done.

“I knew I needed some straightening to both my top and bottom teeth, but did not want to go down the route of fixed braces.”

Lee adds clinical lead Owain Rees BDS DGDP(UK) Dip Imp Dent (UCL) GDC61576, was thoroughly reassuring.

Choosing the Invisalign teeth straightening process, Lee embarked on an 18-month process to achieve his new smile.

“There was a lot of movement that needed to take place on both my upper and lower teeth and I extended the usual six-month treatment to get the results I wanted,” he recalls.

Practice principal Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC108353 explains: “Invisalign treatment is designed to slot seamlessly into daily routines without any fuss or embarrassment. The clear plastic retainers are changed every couple of weeks and the patient can help with self-managing the process.”

Comfortable to wear

Invisalign uses no metal wires or brackets, so there’s no need to worry about mouth irritations as the aligners are comfortable to wear and can easily be removed for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing.

“I’d come here [North Street] every six weeks so that Owain could check everything was okay. I’d get three new, clear, retainers, which I would then change myself. I could literally feel my teeth moving into their new position within a day,” adds Lee.

The aligners are difficult to detect when worn and gradually straighten the teeth that are mapped into position with the help of computer technology.

A virtual 3-D treatment plan (ClinCheck© treatment plan), configures the aligners, shows the series of movements teeth will go through and allows the patient a clear insight into what the finished look will be like.

“I love the new look and everyone at the clinic – from the girls on reception, to the nurses – and, of course, Owain, all have been really excellent,” concludes Lee.

Case Study - Lee after his treatment

Lee after his treatment at North Street Dental

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