John and Gill’s case study

A second chance of romance and two transformations

Love is a second chance of romance, embracing life and sharing smiles – lots of them. For retired couple Gillian and John, sharing time together, enjoying holidays, meals out and trips to the theatre, life has opened an unexpected new chapter of happiness after they both lost their partners.

Their laughter is infectious and their zest for life inspirational. The widow and widower, both young 70-somethings, met at a mutual friend’s golden wedding party and the rest, as they say, is history.

But John didn’t only discover a new soul mate, he also found a new patient for denturist Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS (Eng).

Principal of  North Street Dental, in Dudley, Steven says: “They’re such a refreshing company and I am thrilled they are so happy together.

“But I’m also pleased we were able to resolve a long-standing lower denture problem for Gillian as well as create a lovely warm smile for her that suits her personality.”

Stabilisation problems

John recalls he was first to attend the Denture Clinic after spending nearly four years “perusing stories in the papers” about Steven’s work.

Like many denture wearers, he had encountered stabilisation problems with his lower denture as gums receded with the normal ageing process.

“I knew I had to get something done because when I was driving my lower teeth could dance up and down,” says John.

Steven referred him to our dental implant surgeon. “I decided to go for an implant-retained over-denture which clips on to two fixings.

I would never let anything stop me from enjoying a meal out before I had the implants, but things are great now. I can have steak, eat crunchy salads and feel free to have anything off the menu,” he says.

Gillian had endured a similar stabilisation problem for two years and was persuaded by John to see Steven because her dentures “were always loose.”

Natural looking, functional teeth

Again an implant-retained over-denture was prescribed and Gillian’s upper front teeth were rebuilt with crowns. The results are obvious: Natural looking, functional teeth and an engaging smile.

“Previous dental treatment could never resolve my problems. If I ate out I’d have to order soft options, but I put up with it,” says Gillian. “We laugh a lot, smile a lot and enjoy life. This is my ‘me’ time,” she adds.

And what of their experience at the Denture Clinic? “Steven is like family to us,” says John.

Steven added: “By using implant retained over-dentures we can guarantee to resolve stability issues. We prescribe and produce our dentures on the premises and it means I can be fastidious about quality.”

Case Study - John and Gill after their treatment

Vicki after her treatment at North Street Dental

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