Clive’s case study. From dental disasters to a brand new smile

Ship-shape teeth for former navy man

Clive was so afraid of the dentist he plucked up all of his courage and begged him to extract all of his teeth so that he’d never have problems ever again.

That was more than 20 years ago, but what the retired sales director didn’t know was that his tooth troubles were far from over.

Following the extractions dentures were fitted and he had no problems for a few years.

It was a welcome break from the pain he had experienced and the catalogue of dental disasters he had endured.

Natural ageing process

But the natural ageing process began to take its toll and Clive experienced stability problems with the lower denture as his gums receded. For five years he endured the embarrassment of loose dentures, sore spots on his gums and denying himself some of his favourite foods.

“It took real determination to face up to the problem and the prospect of more dental work.”

The onset of dental phobia

Clive recalls his first dental nightmare: Stationed at Malta while in the Royal Navy, he suddenly had a raging toothache the night before he was due to play in a football match.

“I’d been drinking to dull the pain but as soon as I was back on board the duty dentists was summoned. He’d been drinking too and when he injected me with the anaesthetic he broke the needle.

“I eventually had to have an X-ray so he could find where the needle was. That was me finished. I’d do anything to avoid the dentist from there on.”

In recent years Clive has had four denture relines to help the stability issues, but none provided a long-term solution.

Flashing his new smile and laughing heartily, Clive added: “Things were so bad that if I turned to the right my teeth would still be facing forward.

“I can’t stress how big a deal it was for me to get things sorted. I was terrified, so when I saw a piece in the paper about Steven Burchell and suction denture technology, I agreed to see him.”

Clive’s gum erosion was too severe for the suction system to work effectively and he decided to have implant-retained dentures.

“It’s the best money I’ve ever spent”

Clive recalls the procedure. “I was dreading the needle, but all I felt was a sensation of the implantologist rubbing on my gums.

“I asked: ‘When are you going to start?” I was shocked when he said he’d nearly finished the procedure. The job was done and I hadn’t felt a thing.”

Clive’s wife, Margaret, added: “It’s true! I was allowed to sit in with Clive. We were both treated excellently.”

Since having the implant-retained dentures, Clive has been able to bite into crispy apples and indulge himself with pork crackling.

“I can eat what I like. I feel comfortable and confident, it’s the best money I’ve ever spent and have recommended Steve to friends,” added Clive.

Case Study - Clive after his treatment

Clive after his treatment at North Street Dental

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