Fixing denture problems for Christmas

  • Tough turkey – a challenge for poor dentures

  • Royal icing on Christmas cake – just too hard?

  • Seeded bread – a party food Hell for some

  • Seasonal nuts – they just don’t mix with bad dentures

It’s Christmas – well, almost. School Nativity plays with space invaders replacing the Wise Men are doing the rounds, shoppers in their droves at the Merry Hill Centre and there’s the first flush of festive parties. For most, it’s a time of year where the madness is mixed with fun, but for some who wear dentures, the seasonal frivolity is no laughing matter. The principal of the Denture Clinic and North Street Dental, Steven Burchell DipCDT RCS(Eng) GDC 108353, offers a timely message of hope.

Fixing denture problems for Christmas- roast turkey

Let the Denture Clinic at North Street fix your denture problems in time for Christmas

Overcoming denture stigmas

Office parties, fairy lights, expectant youngsters writing gift lists, shopping for presents and trying to find that special one – it must be Christmas soon.

It’s a time defined by more frenzied family activity than any other celebration on our calendars, with stress levels beginning to soar from the beginning of November.

But for a particular group of people, the common irritating distractions that hinder festivities are magnified.

Gift-buying, crowded store check-outs, seemingly ceaseless TV advertising for celebrity-branded perfumes and carols being played in shopping centres all too early are no more of a problem to them than the rest of us.

For these people, the real ‘Ba humbug!’ moments are deeply personal – secrets that have been cleverly hidden away for years.

Often feeling foolish at the very thought of a ‘confession’ they continue every Christmas to stoically endure the celebrations, aching for them to finish soon.

Unjustifiably and frustratingly, there still is a denture social stigma to overcome.

christmas cake

Get new dentures in time for Christmas

But the truth is, this Christmas could be very different for those countless denture wearers whose teeth are no longer able to function the way they should.

The natural harmonious fit that should exist between prosthetics and the soft tissues of the mouth is no longer there, and the consequences are at best miserable and regularly life-changing for the worse.

How do I know? For nearly 30 years I’ve been involved in denture provision and have been responsible for helping to resolve some of the worst-case scenarios I’ve ever seen presented in a dentist’s chair.

If you have denture issues and are reading this, chances are I’ve encountered your denture problem many times, and it’s not too late to get a new prescription of our quality traditional dentures in time for Christmas.

I must stress, because of the time scale, numbers will be limited, and it’s for traditional prosthetics only.

That doesn’t mean we can’t fix you up with some other solution, but it would take more time than what we have left before the fat man with a red suit arrives.

christmas nuts

Loose dentures and lack of confidence

Poor dentures can steal spontaneity – even the natural response to those Christmas joyous moments can be stifled as laughing can be perilous with the lower prosthetic tilting and slipping. Sadly, laughing can also present an opportunity for the very worst of ‘denture moments’ when the prosthetic loses all adhesion.

And as for seasonal colds . . . coughing is certainly something that, for some, needs to be done with teeth out.

Stifled laughter, smiles hidden by hands; is this any way to live when an answer can be so close at hand?

There are those whose days are strategically planned around the need to replenish dental fixative on their prosthetics. Copious supplies are required, secreted away in handbags, bathrooms, kitchens, cars, pockets and bags.

Just the simple task of eating a Christmas meal can become a hurdle which demands ‘must-have’ strategies to survive the event.

seeded bread

Symptoms of loose dentures

Do you recognise any of the following?

  • The need for plausible excuses to leave the dining table to reload the dental fixative halfway through a meal
  • That you must be seated whereas few other diners as possible can see you eating
  • Excuses ready for missing out on that hard, royal icing Christmas cake or Christmas pudding infused with brandy . . . and nuts
  • Ensuring you don’t have an extra glass of wine for fear forgetting those dangerous dentures which appear to have a mind all of their own
  • Struggling with sore spots and longing for the meal to end soon
  • Needing to go home early to get your teeth out
  • Embarrassed by sunken cheeks and pinched lips and looking older than your years because of your teeth are set in the wrong position within your mouth
  • Ashamed by the aesthetics of your dentures – looking like they don’t belong to you
  • Simply not wanting to join in the celebrations, always with a reason to stay away
  • A life ruled by dentures that don’t work – especially where there’s party food
quality dentures consultation

Denture case study – failing false teeth

I once heard of a tragic case where a lady in her 80s had lived her whole adult life as a “consummate actress” because of failing false teeth.

She went out only to work, had no social life and rarely spoke to anyone. She was deeply troubled by her dentures and the issues relating to them eclipsed her life.

A complex case, I was privileged to help transform her life many years ago. She learned to live to the full in the latter years, making new friends, going to restaurants and stopping for conversations in the street.

Her regret – and mine too – that she just accepted her problem.

Her defining quote: “How I wish I could have done this years ago.”

I have spent more than a decade trying to break the taboo over talking about dentures and whilst I understand people not wanting to go public with their predicament. I still cannot understand why so many never seek help.

My first consultations are complimentary. I’m not here to judge and the practice is very friendly. Afraid? Don’t worry – we’ll see to it you get all the support you need. What have you to lose?

Give us a call at the Denture Clinic now and maybe this Christmas you’ll really enjoy the celebrations.

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