Direct access to dental hygiene

  • Get a same-day scale and polish appointment
  • A lesson in oral health
  • Intraoral dental camera technology in use

Did you know you can now see a dental hygienist without first seeing a dentist? And what’s more, at North Street Dental in Dudley, West Midlands you can book in with a same-day appointment. Just call, agree a time and then get a scale and polish. Simple.

Direct access to dental hygiene - Sophie dental hygienist

Direct access to dental hygiene with Sophie our dental hygienist

Changes in GDC legislation

Recent changes in General Dental Council legislation have allowed this direct access arrangement to happen without a referral or prescription from a dentist. It’s much the same arrangement place that enables you to see a physiotherapist directly without first seeing a doctor.

It appears the driver for this new approach is all about getting more people to access dental health services and speeding up that much-needed process.

What the new dental regulations mean

The website offers the full scope of regulations, but in a nutshell here they are:

  • Dental therapists and hygienists can practice without prescription from a dentist
  • Some treatments will still require a prescription from a dentist (such as teeth whitening)
  • Some practices will always expect the patient to see a dentist before seeing a dental hygienist or dental therapist. This will depend on practice policy, so not every practice with a dental hygienist will be offering direct access
  • Patients should know about the qualifications of those treating them, as well as what process takes place if the hygienist needs to refer a patient to a dentist. Transparency is one of the critical elements of the legislation. Any dental professionals qualifications can be checked on the GDC website
Intraoral camera

Intraoral camera

Reassurance for North Street patients

If you are uncomfortable going straight to the dental hygienist’s chair, there are a few facts that can put your mind at ease. Although hygienists and therapists may give treatment without a prescription from a dentist, most of them will continue to work at clinics run by dentists, in fact, just like the arrangement with North Street Dental.

Should a problem be found that’s beyond the clinical scope of our dental hygiene therapist, access to a dentist won’t be far away. Of course, you don’t have to use our clinicians, and you will be free to take away your referral letter and go elsewhere.

We would, however, like you to stay and resolve any problems.

Do some research on dental direct access

Should you be considering going to see a hygienist who practices where there is no dentist, do some research first and check out what systems are in place if a referral on is required.

Without a doubt, the new legislation has plenty of potential for us to improve convenience for patients.

Direct Access - Smiling wedding couple

Direct access to dental hygiene – perfect for those special occasions

Do you want to look you best for that special occasion – may be a wedding, interview, date or an important function?

Or perhaps you require the confidence boost a dazzling smile can achieve. Our dental hygienist and therapist Sophie Mae BSc Dental Hygiene and Therapy (Birmingham) GDC 264333 is booking in patients now.

Dental technology helps you see the problems

As part of your 45-minute appointment, you will be able to see on screen the treatment required and the results following Sophie’s work.

As well as your scale and polish, you will also be treated to an oral health lesson where you’ll be shown how to keep your teeth in top condition. Preserving your smile has never been so easy.